Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I have royally been slacking on our blog. Since my last post, the boys have turned 11 months. They will actually be turning one on May 1. I have no idea where the past year has gone. I can honestly say, as much work as two babies and a toddler is, I think we're pretty good at being parents to three under three. Life's so much easier now that the boys sleep through the night and they both have a mouthful of teeth. Houston and Chase have both taken a couple steps and walking is surely in our near future. Houston has seemed to outgrow his milk/soy allergy and is transitioning to whole milk nicely. He still has egg allergies that he may or may not outgrow. Tonight we moved the cribs in the twins' room away from the walls/window. Houston kicks the walls and Chase moves the curtains aside so he can watch out the window. Maybe now they will actually sleep instead of play. I can dream, right?
Karsyn is still obsessed with the Wiggles 'moo-mies'. She got a few new dvd's from the Easter Bunny. She also got a cool new chair from Grandma Carla. She promptly took her new chair into her room to watch the Wiggles. I had no idea she would put the chair on her bed and then sit on it. She's a funny kid. Great Grandma Helen also is feeding into Karsyn's obsession with cake. Every holiday is a reason to have 'birf-day' cake. She bought us an Easter Bunny cake and Karsyn was thrilled.

We sure have cute kids!