Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Baby

It used to take soooo much to get Houston to laugh. Thankfully, that has changed. This is my favorite sound in the world.

Glam Girl

Karsyn is starting to finally enjoy dressing up, much to my delight. She loves her high heels and is happiest with curled hair, a full face of make up and her dinosaur pajamas. She's the prettiest tomboy around. She puts together the greatest outfits and loves sequins and sunglasses. She's an original!

Fresh Air!

With the nice weather we FINALLY had today, we bundled the munchkins up and ventured outdoors. We all enjoyed the fresh air and the twins napped really well afterwards. Karsyn had to take her Dora 4-wheeler for a spin. She is going to be so happy when it's Summer and she can ride it everyday.

Beckett's parents babysat our kids last night so we could go out for dinner. They did a great job, but I think they had underestimated how much work it would actually be. They looked awfully happy to see us come home. :) I'm sure they slept well last night. Thanks Tali and Chad!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Houston, we have a word!

Houston said "Da-Da" today to Eric. It was adorable. Karsyn also suddenly picked up an Australian accent. I'm assuming it's from watching The Wiggles entirely too much.
All three of the kids have colds. I love this time of year!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No touch it!

Karsyn is a bit of a control freak. She can touch the tv, but no one else can. If you do, this is what you may hear. I don't know what's funnier, her tone or the eye rolls. God help us.


This video is actually from last month. Her dancing skills have since improved, she now knows all the words to 'Dorothy the Dinosaur' AND she can showcase her mad moves with her pants on. What a big girl!

Best Friends

I busted Karsyn smooching Beckett today. Beckett is her favorite daycare friend. She loves when he comes in the morning and is sad to see him go when he leaves. Apparently, I need to plan more activities during the day so they spend less time kissing.

Should I take a hint?

So whenever I put pictures on Facebook, people make cool edits to them and send them back to me. I'm not sure if I should be offended that people think they need to edit my pictures in order to make them good enough or if they're just being nice. :) I will assume it's the latter. Anyways, my cousin Breanna sent me this great one of the boys today. She's mighty talented, that girl! Thanks Cuz, keep 'em coming!

Chase's first word...Mama, of course!

Chase is officially saying "Mama". I have heard it here and there throughout the past weeks, but I thought he was just making sounds. He now says it when he sees me and wants me. Yay!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Talkers

The boys have officially started to babble. I can hear Houston telling Chase sweet stories through the baby monitor and it takes everything for me not to go in there. I know as soon as they see me, they will stop talking to each other and want to get out of their cribs. I just love to watch them. They already have a great 'twin bond'. I'm waiting to see if they develop their own language like twins often do. So far, Houston is the better talker. He says a lot of fa's and la's. Chase still just does a lot of eh, ah's and grunts.

No one but Eric has left the house this week because of the extremely cold weather. Hopefully this weekend, we will all get out for an afternoon. Karsyn's going cabin crazy. Maybe I should take her to the dirty, germ infested play yard at the mall. Nah, I'm not that desperate yet. A nice walk through Target should be sufficient for both of us. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How do you tell them apart?

This question cracks me up. Seriously?!? Are we looking at the same babies? My twins couldn't be MORE fraternal. Houston has the most angelic face. His dimple makes me melt. He speaks softly and touches lovingly. He doesn't fuss when he's hungry or wet, he knows eventually, his needs will be met. His brother, on the other hand, is a whole other story. He's loud. He laughs from the bottom of his toes and his eyes twinkle. He doesn't miss anything. He swats at you when you feed him. He grunts when he's wet and screams when he's hungry. He's perfect. My kids are perfect. They are different as night and day and that's what I love most about them. They all look at me like I'm the cat's meow. I know in my heart, I was born to be their Mom.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Time Flies!

I have decided that I might have some time to actually start blogging again. I find myself getting a little 'weepy' at how fast my babies are growing up. Karsyn has moved in to her 'big girl' bed. She can count. She knows her colors. She talks like a champ. She can potty (and dump and flush her potty chair contents!) with no help from me. Every day it seems like she needs me a little less. She's so independent. She's my mini-me....only better.
Chase and Houston are already eight months old. They are both speed crawlers and are now pulling up to stand. Chase has two teeth and Houston is working hard to get his first one. I can't believe walking is in our near future. Where does the time go? I wish I could push pause. Every day is an awesome adventure that I don't want to end.